Complete outsourcing of business processes

What is outsourcing??

Outsourcing is delegating to an external organization the performance and management of operations or entire processes, which are not fundamental for the client and do participate directly in client’s main operations on the market. The provider of such services contributes to the development and improvement of a certain business function. Examples of the most frequently used outsourcing services are: payroll calculation, accounting, IT system maintenance and support, professional training, fleet and structures maintenance, etc.

Outsourcing is becoming an increasingly popular form of work worldwide, as many governmental institutions and companies in various industries, rely on business process outsourcing services.

This ensures a number of significant advantages:

  • enables the organization to focus on its inherent business processes and objectives, delegating the peripheral activities to external contractors;
  • the external service providers are specialized in performing these specific activities, i.e. they have extensive experience and expertise in this area and are capable of providing high quality performance;
  • relieves the organization of the need to establish and maintain infrastructure and specialists, to support a certain auxiliary process. This is the responsibility of the external contractor, who provides services, according to client’s current needs and assumes all risks for their impaired quality.

BPO - Business Process

You need a partner, who will provide well structured, optimized and efficient business processes. We are proud of our clients' trust in our capability of structuring and performing their sales, supporting their customers or handling their payments and receivables. Our objective is to become the most desirable partner of our clients, helping them achieve and surpass their goals.

HPO -Human Resource

From the recruiting to the management of vast remote teams, we can provide your complete package of HR services.

ITO - IT Outsourcing

We offer well developed solutions for a wide range of IT services. They are focused on the implementation, protection and maintenance of IT operations and processes at a contact centre, as well as back-office operations and Enterprise VoIP environments.

Our qualified and experienced personnel uses cutting-edge IT infrastructure, which – combined with our industry leading partners – provide a solid basis for ensuring top level services, agreed with clients in various industries.

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